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Parakeet control

Parakeet Control

Ring-neck and Monk parakeet numbers have increased in recent years with the birds successfully living wild in London and the South East. Classified as agricultural and horticultural pests by Natural England in 2010, these birds do still enjoy the legal protection afforded wild birds and it remains illegal to kill or interfere with them other than in exceptional circumstances.

Parakeets have strong beaks and when they enter loft spaces they can chew exposed beams and rafters. These birds are extremely clever at finding their way into buildings through air-vents and cause considerable damage resulting in serious concern over the safety of roof structures.

Tropical birds are thriving here because of global warming and we are expecting lots more calls as people discover the damage parakeets are causing and as the numbers increase. Our preferred method is to proof buildings so the birds cannot re-enter or land – in the same way that we deter pigeons. They may only be about 16 inches in height, but parakeets’ beaks are very large and extremely powerful which means they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Parakeet problem?

We normally recommend preventative action when the birds have finished nesting and have left. We can then carry out ‘proofing’ work which involves using different methods such as blocking entrance holes or installing nets, sprung wire ms or bird repellent systems that discourage birds from landing, roosting or nesting. The method depends on the bird and the situation.

Parakeets are known to be aggressive towards other birds and are deterring our native species from settling. One of the species they compete with for nest holes in trees is the Nuthatch because of this we may witness a general decline in numbers of this native bird as parakeets increase.

We deal with many calls about pest parakeets, ranging from businesses to sleep deprived homeowners who are being kept awake by birds nesting in eaves outside bedroom windows. They make an incredible racket!

Cleankill's bird control services can help you manage parakeets and identify signs of an infestation.

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