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Ant control services

Ant Control

There are over 8,800 species of ant in the world from the common Black Garden Ant to the very unpleasant Bullet Ant of Nicaragua and Paraguay. They have a sense of smell equivalent to a dog and are always on the hunt for new sources of food. There  are very few kitchens which have not had a visit from black ants.

How to identify an ant problem

The first step to ridding yourself of an ant infestation is to identify the type of ant. Black ants and garden ants are usually quite straightforward, but other smaller species such as Pharaoh Ants and Ghost Ants are more difficult to identify and eradicate. 

Cleankill's ant control services have the expertise to identify and control all types of ant infestation. Whether you have hordes of ants beating a path across your premises or other types of insects being a nuisance, we have the technology, skills and experience to solve your pest problems.

How to get rid of an ant problem

The first ants you see in the house will be searching for new sources of food. They are interested in sweet items, for example a little bit of juice left in the bottom of a drinking bottle, or sweet tea left overnight on the bottom of a saucer. These worker ants will go back the nest and report the location of this new food source. Before you know it, you've got thousands of ants following a trail back to your kitchen and finding anything that you haven't cleaned up.

The first line of defence against ants is to clean up all food sources such as anything sweet and sticky, or crumbs underneath a chair or the settee.

Secondly, clean over the ant trail with some bleach - you may even be able to follow that trail back to the nest.

Thirdly, the ants will be coming in through gaps around window frames or doors. You may find a little bit of sandy soil near where the ants are coming into the house and that will be where the ant nest is. It is also worth looking around your patio, as this is another popular site. Once you have a suspected site, get a trowel and have a dig. If you may see lots of little white eggs and panicking ants, then it is definitely the nest.

To destroy the nest you can spray it with an insecticide, or the traditional method would be to pour boiling water over it.  

Another option is gel bait that worker ants takes back to the nest and feed to the other ants. Once the queen ant is dead, the whole nest will totally disappear.

Here's a case study about how Cleankill's ant control services successfully treated an ant infestation when other companies failed.

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Fun facts about Ants

  • Ants can lift and carry more than fifty times their own weight.
  • There are nearly as many species of ants (8,800) as there are species of birds (9,000) in the world.
  • The sense of smell of an ant is just as good as that of a dog.
  • Flying ants do not need the attention of a pest controller. The ‘problem’ is the normal mating flight of the common black garden ant and should be over within a few hours.