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Too many molehills?

You spend time and money creating the perfect lawn – and then the moles move in!

Moles are mostly invisible and inaudible.  It is only when they visit the surface that they become a problem. Your perfect lawn is suddenly covered in unsightly molehills from a mole removing unwanted soil from their burrow. 

Cleankill Pest Control provides an effective, professional service to help you deal with your mole problem. Whether it is a back garden, paddock, farm, or golf course, our high trained technicians have the necessary skills to control your moles. 


Getting rid of molehills

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Mole emerging

Fun facts about moles

  1. Moles don’t hibernate.
  2. Moles have more teeth than a human
  3. Mole hair grows straight up, unlike most mammals where the hair grows in one direction. This means their hair doesn’t hinder them when reversing
  4. An adult male can dig more than 100 metres in a day. It takes just three to five minutes to dig one metre
  5. Moles moult three of four times a year
  6. There are an estimated 41,400,000 moles in Britain but none in Ireland or Northern Ireland. This is because after the last Ice Age, as they began to recolonize Britain, sea levels had risen and so they couldn’t reach Ireland
  7. Moles are mostly solitary creatures
  8. They must consume between 70-100% of their own body weight a day in insects and larvae to survive
  9. Moles do not eat plants